Wit’s End in the News: Mother’s Day Essentials

Wit’s End in the News: Mother’s Day Essentials

In an interview with Capital Region's Channel 13/WNYT News, owner Susan Hoffman discussed Mother's Day gift ideas and introduced some of the employees at Wit's End who are also mothers.

In the interview, Susan explains that she enjoys hiring and working with other mothers at Wit’s End because she recognizes the significance of having a support system.

"Moms have to wear a lot of different hats,” Susan told the news outlet. “We sometimes have to work, take the hat off, run home, run to the school bus, pick up our child, take care of the child, we have to do lots and lots and so I’ve always tried to have this atmosphere of warmth and compassion and understanding for what moms go through, I’m a mom myself and I’ve had to do it.”

To read the full article and watch the Wit’s End girls’ interview, click here. 

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